About Us

Slim Wallet Crazy Team puts its heart, soul and countless design hours into making simple things like wallets or card holders to keep your pockets as slim as possible.

There are a huge amount of things in our life that we use every day and don’t even think about what they are made of...

Our SlimWalletCrazy Team members are avid “material researchers”. There are no stereotypes for our team, there is no stop for our experiments. We keep combining materials from different usage spheres and get great result in tactile feelings and durability.

Very many clever ideas were ruined because of bad knowledge of the way how different materials could be used. We are focused on achieving 5 main points for our products:

1. High quality product
2. Durability
3. Great tactile feeling
4. Simplicity
5. Reasonable price

We spend a lot of time to import and inspect the necessary materials so you can be sure that each item is made of the best quality material no matter if it is leather, Alcantara or elastic.

SlimWalletCrazy  Team owns its small manufacture that’s why we guarantee 100% quality control. We know what we produce, we know how it is done and we are proud to offer you products by K.So. and SWC brands!